our Mission

        To provide the best procurement support to all our clients, while maintaining strong relationships that are beneficial for the manufacturers and suppliers we represent.  And to be perceived by our customers as the provider of the best total value in our chosen line of products.

 We will do this by:

  • Placing our customers at the center of our focus and constantly striving to meet their expectations.
  • Developing and maintaining a well-trained and motivated sales team that functions in an environment of mutual trust and respect.

Company Profile

        JLS Trading Incorporated was founded on August 22, 2006 by a Mechanical Engineer, a former Car Branch Manager from Bacolod City, Philippines.  It was a simple motive by the founder, Mr. Jose Marie L. Suarez that began as a sideline business to produce additional income besides working as a full time employee as ACH Researcher in Chicago, IL. USA.


        From small beginnings, JLS Trading Inc. has grown into a reliable procurement sourcing company by adhering to some simple concepts: Furnish genuine OEM products at a very competitive price and offer fast and affordable shipment or delivery.

        Since 2006, we are committed to supplying high quality OEM products to the Sugar industry and other industrial companies in the Philippines.

        We offer a variety of industrial products: valves, turbine parts, babbitting, process controls, power generation products, instrumentations, electricals, laboratory, motors & drives, and more...

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