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Ingersoll Rand Compressor Lubricant
Protects rotary screw compressors from harmful varnish and carbon build up
Works while your compressor works, saving you costly disassembly and downtime
Easy-to-use concentrated formula saves time and money
Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon sizes
Acceptable for cleaning high temperature chains and Heat Transfer systems with
temperatures up to 400°F.

Ingersoll Rand

Airend after POWERSOLV

Gardner Denver

Ultra Coolant
Ultra Plus Coolant
SSR Coolant
Techtrol Gold III
FG Coolant


Complube 10

Palasyn 45
AFX 32
Pallube 32


Airend before POWERSOLV


Aeon 800
Aeon 2000
Aeon 4000
Aeon 5000
Aeon 6000FG
Aeon 9000SP

Atlas Copco

1.  Add one gallon of POWERSOLV to every ten gallons of compressor oil in
the unit, first draining enough oil to allow the addition of POWERSOLV.

2.  Run the compressor as usual for 40 to 60 hours, allowing the treated
oil to disperse and suspend the varnish.

3.To avoid re-depositing thesuspended contaminants, drain the oil while warm and replace filters.
4.Refill with fresh oil and take an oil sample after 100 hours.

How to use POWERSOLV in Rotary Screw & Rotary Vane Compressors:

POWERSOLV is a high-performance concentrated lubricant additive specifically engineered to meet the demands of rotary vane and rotary screw compressors. A universal cleaner that can be used with any base stock and that gets into hard-to-reach spots, POWERSOLV provides hassle-free cleaning by removing and suspending harmful varnish and carbon contaminants while your compressor operators, saving you disassembly and downtime. And, POWERSOLV works wherever your compressor has oil flowing through it, invisibly scrubbing oil coolers, oil lines, filter housings, oil stop values, air-end housings and rotors, all without stoppage and disassembly.

The POWERSOLV advantage:


Quin-Syn & Quin-Syn Plus
Quin-Syn F food grade
Quin-Syn F
Quin-Syn PG
Quin-Syn HP
Quin-Syn XP

JLS Trading Inc. stocks a complete line of air compressor lubricants including petroleum, semi-synthetic, full synthetic and food grade oils. Our lubricants are specially formulated to be 100% compatible with the OEM lubricants they are replacing. We carry a complete line of food grade lubricants which are USDA & Kosher approved.

Aside from this, we also supply branded lubricants such as Ingersoll Rand, and the like.

All of our lubricants include free oil analysis for the life of the oil. Once we receive your oil sample, the laboratory conducts a thorough analysis of your sample to provide a detailed report showing 22 different elements including wear metals and additives, current viscosity, H2O content, total acid number and a maintenance recommendation.

JLS Trading Inc. stocks direct replacements for the following lubricants:

Sullube 32
SRF 1/4000
AWF – All Weather Fluid
SRF II/8000

HD-Roto Fluid
Roto-Inject Fluid
Roto Extend
Roto Z

Powersolv Air Compressor Cleaner