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1.  You can pay a licensed contractor to pick up and dispose of your compressor condensate. This option is extremely expensive and is an ongoing expense.

With this information, we can quote the proper sized unit to match your compressed air system.

To determine the correct size of unit, you will need the following:

2.  You can purchase an oil/water separator from Industrial Air Power which is simple, automatic and the most economical solution for oily compressor condensate disposal.

With our unique separation design and activated filter, our units have achieved water effluents containing less than 15 ppm of oil with most compressor oils. Our units have no moving parts which make them virtually maintenance free. We use three different separation methods for superior results.


JLS Trading Inc. supplies a complete line of oil/water separators. In many cases it is illegal to dispose of untreated compressor condensate by dumping it into sewers or drains. 40 ppm is currently the standard concentration of oil allowed in water destined for sanitary sewers.

You have two legal choices for properly disposing of oily compressor condensate:

Gravity separation for most oils including polyglycol
Easy installation with no moving parts
External activated carbon filter provides additional effluent protection
External carbon filter is easily changed without entering the unit
Tough, impact resistant polypropylene construction
Two coalescing packs for extra filtration and longer lasting carbon filter

1.  Total compressor capacity, CFM
Base Stock of oil (PAO, Polyglycol, etc)
ISO viscosity grade of oil
Any additives present in oil

Oil/Water Separators