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Magnetic Pull Test Kits
Magnetic Inspection Probe
Electronic Magnetic Pole Tester

Automation Products

Conveyor Line Magnets
Gravity Feed - Magnets In Stream
Gravity Feed - Magnets Outside Stream
Liquid Line Magnets
Pneumatic Line Magnets

Polymagnets® Products

Alignment Polymagnets®
Experimental Polymagnets®
Latch Polymagnets®
Max-Attach® Polymagnets®
Spring Polymagnets®
Polymagnet® Demonstrator Kits


Magnetic Separators for purifying products and protecting equipment from damage.

Magnetizers & Demagnetizers
End-Of-Arm Tooling
Lift Systems For Moving Steel Sheets, Rounds & Parts
Conveyor Systems
Magnetic Conveying Rail
Sheet Fanners For Separation

Magnets with encoded multipole magnetic surface elements (maxels) that allow for a wide range of controlled magnetic behaviors.

Lift Magnets for Moving and Transferring
Electromagnets & Power Supplies
Manhole Cover Lift Systems
Magnetic Welding Grounds & Squares
Raw Magnet Material
Magnetic Assemblies & Fixture Magnets
Cutting Table Tools and Magnets
Crane Scales & Lift Devices
Magnetic Sweepers For Cleaning
Magnetizers & Demagnetizers
Magnets For Capturing Metal In Liquids
Holding Magnets & Shop Tools
Retrieving Magnets and Pocket Tools

Tramp Metal Products

TEsting & Inspection Items

MAG-MATE® Products

Assemblies, Lifts, Fixtures, Sweepers, Welding Tools, Raw Materials & More.

Industrial Magnetic Solution for Stacking, Destacking, Conveying, Transferring, Lifting & Fanning metal parts.