Small Babbitt Bearings
Gearbox Bearings
Motor Bearings
Insert Bearings
Grinder Bearings
Compressor Bearings
Sleeve Bearings
Elliptical Bearings
Electrically Insulating Bearings
Tri Land - Tapered Land Bearings
Pressure Dam Bearings
Large Babbitt Bearings
Hydrogen Seal Casings
Hydrogen Seals
Hydrogen Seal Springs
Packing Casings
Impeller Casings
Oil Deflectors
Thrust Bearing Casings
Thrust Bearing Housings
Aluminum Bearing Seals
Oil Seals
Labyrinth Seals
Oil Rings, Lubrication Rings, Oil Slinger Rings

JLS Trading Inc. supplies many different types of bearings and parts.

All bearings whether manufactured or repaired are available with optional RTD or Thermocouple temperature sensing devices.

Turbine Bearings
Pump Bearings
Spherical OD and ID Bearings
Thrust Bearings
Thin Wall Insert Bearings

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